Software Engineer Training Course

Training Description

During this course students will learn software development fundamentals, expertise in algorithms and data structures. The course will last 8 months. At the end of the course, the best students will be hired by Dynamic LLC. All interested candidates can apply for the course by sending their CV and cover message to email address.

The main topics of the course are

  • 1. Operating system (Unix architecture)
  • 2. Programming tools (vim, git)
  • 3. Interpreting / scripting languages (bash, python)
  • 4. Basics of C ++ programming language
  • 5. Data structures and algorithms
  • 6. Basics of Object Oriented Programming (C ++)
  • 7. Basics of mobile programming
  • 8. Hand-on usage of acquired knowledge in projects.

Admission conditions

  • 1. Knowledge of mathematics, logical, algorithmic thinking.
  • 2. Basic knowledge of programming.
  • 3. Willingness to learn and ability to work in a team.